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Ultra Sonic Cleaning

My preferred method for cleaning brass in an Ultrasonic Cleaner

A Teaspoon of Cream of Tartar
1/2 Teaspoon of dish washing liquid
Fill with hot water
Add Brass

Run in the Ultra Sonic cleaner for 5 minutes
drain water immediately after finishing and dip brass into mentholated spirits before leaving to air dry.

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DNS Management Script

Having a need to add/maintain a large number of DNS records over multiple servers I went searching for a script. Unfortunately I could not find anything that did exactly what I wanted, So I took the liberty of editing a nice little script called SSDZ

As a result I now have a script that will allow for easy command line adding or removing of both a master or slave zone into the named.conf with a template zone file. I will add some screen shots shortly but for now if anyone wants to make use of this please feel free to.

Please note, this is configured to work with BIND/NAMED, some configuration is required



Body Signalling

In a recent discussion on a hunting forum some images got posted that were both very helpful and very amusing. So much so that I have decided to share them here for any readers.

Ground to Air                     Hunter to Hunter

Credit to 'Duncs' for modifying the original picture, Original author however is unknown.


Playing with WordPress

I have decided to play around with WordPress due to some clients making use of it. So far it seems pretty good, playing with the structure currently and the appearance to find something appealing. At the same time, some random movie is on TV (Subterano). I would certainly not recommend it. Very poor story line, effects and characters.

Went out for a walk around on a nearby property and to take out a few rabbits. Was interesting to see the Billabong Creek actually running. For so long there has been very limited amounts of water with next to no movement. Took some pics on my iPhone for historical reasons.

Would be good if I could work out why those thumbnails wont go horizontally in the post and instead insist on being vertically aligned. Ok, seems I can, I just have to edit the HTML section rather than being lazy